Monday, May 9, 2011

Google Hacks.

Okay so we all know that Google indexes websites to use in their search engine, right? But did you know that Google also indexes some pages and files that expose massive security flaws in servers? For example, try to search for this little gem in Google:

intitle:"Index of" pwd.db

The thing is, this isn't rare at all. With a few simple Google searches you can find THOUSANDS of servers and websites, just begging to be exploited. Check this out: There's this guy, Johnny. He hacks stuff. You can find his website at He works for an awesome organization called Hackers for Charity. If you check it out, you should leave a small donation so that these guys can get shit done. They do a lot of good, really. Anyways, Johnny has an awesome list of these Google searches, which you can find here. With these search phrases, it is literally TOO easy to hack some of these websites. Please note that I take no responsibility for any actions you may take, using this knowledge. I am merely sharing this with the internet because I think it's cool, and because some of you might think to check how secure your websites really are. I am in no way stating that I have hacked any of these websites, nor am I encouraging you to do so. Anyways, feel free to check these out, because I thought it was pretty cool. And like I said, if you dig what Hackers for Charity is doing, you should definitely donate something.

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  1. wow neat this is interesting, I'll check out his website! though I have no means of donating anything online...