Sunday, May 15, 2011


So I know that this doesn't really stick to the tech theme of my blog, but I just need somewhere to organize my thoughts. About a week ago, I started dieting. All I ever drank was soda, but I've completely cut that out of my diet. From now on it's only water, fruit/vegetable juice, and green tea. I've started eating a lot of vegetables, and oats, and I'm sticking to wheat bread instead of white. I'm taking fish oil tablets (great for the heart and metabolism), and working out a lot. I recently got Georges St. Pierre's Rush Fitness videos and I'm really excited to try those out. Once I'm back in shape, I intend to start training in Mixed Martial Arts again. I've been a lot more productive lately, and it feels great.


  1. I'm dieting too! Keep at it!

  2. i suck at dieting. thats probably why i am a land beast

  3. Dieting is lame. You don't even get to eat chocolate.