Sunday, February 20, 2011

GnackTrack Linux

Late last night (or should I say early this morning?), a friend asked me to list all of the Ubuntu derivatives that I could think of. I of course linked him to this Linux Timeline. Since I hadn't reviewed a distribution timeline in several months, I decided to see what had changed, and suddenly a word caught my eye: GnackTrack. What is this? Could it possibly be some new branch of BackTrack? No... It's a derivative of Ubuntu... Well, I'm not such a big fan of Ubuntu to be honest. The community is great, the repositories are extensive, and the system itself is stable and secure. My problem is the dev team. With the past few releases containing mostly UI changes, and the recent switch to UNITY, I've got to say I've been disappointed. But with further research, I saw that GnackTrack runs Gnome. Gnome is not my favorite, but it absolutely beats BackTrack's KDE. My hopes are that, since GnackTrack is a very recent Ubuntu Derivative, it will support all my hardware completely, unlike the multitude of other pentesting distributions I've tried. My main problem with these other distributions is lack of support for my graphics card. As opposed to (often futile) Google searches that last hours and often span days, in an attempt to find some software or patch to add support, I would really love for it to work "out-of-box". With the other pentesting distros I've tried, the highest resolution I could set was 800x600. Now, my laptop is nothing special: A few years old, and 1280x800 is the highest supported resolution. But 800x600? That's just pathetic. GnackTrack's website can be found here. My hopes are that it will possess many, if not all of the tools found in BackTrack, and I will be incredibly pleased if I find tools that BackTrack does NOT possess. Anyways, will post later with my GnackTrack experience.

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